hamo story

A Kitchen that Specializes in Jinju-style Cuisine

We always bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients
in our dishes with love and sincerity.

The name of the restaurant, “Hamo,” means “Indeed! (an expression to show
that you strongly agree with what the other person says)” in the Gyeongsangnam-do
dialect, which embodies our hope to create lasting good memories for you.
From a long time ago, Jinju has been known for its gyobang food
with a flourished aristocrat banquet culture. Often called as Chibowhaban
(flower-like rice decorated with seven gems), Jinju-style bibimbap was highly praised,
in particular, as one of the top three dishes from Joseon Dynasty.
Hamo aims to reinterpret the forgotten Jinju-style bibimbap and many other local dishes
from western Gyeongsangnam-do to promote quality and excellence in fine local cuisine.